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Guitar Shed - Tone and Chromatic Tuners

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Every time you play a guitar, it should be properly tuned. Guitar Shed includes two separate, extremely robust tuners to accommodate your tuning-style...

Chromatic Guitar Tuner and Strobe Guitar Tuner

"Chromatic" Tuner*
Our chromatic guitar tuner will tell you exactly when your guitar is perfectly tuned, or when it's too high (sharp) or low (flat), and how far off you are from the target note. This software tuner uses your computer's microphone or sound-input port to actually listen to your guitar. If you're in a noisy environment (such as the never-silent rehearsal space or even on-stage), just plug your guitar directly into your computer's microphone jack and get an extremely accurate tune within seconds!

The simple interface is very easy-to-see, while the display shows you exactly what you need to know. There's even an interactive "Colorize" mode that makes the background glow red if you're sharp, or green if you're flat - an awesome feature for tuning at a distance. Guitar Shed's chromatic tuner is also highly advanced. For expert users, the actual frequency (Hz), target frequency (Hz) and offset are always available.

The Chromatic Tuner is currently only available in the Macintosh version.

Tone "Ear" Guitar Tuner. Tune by tones

"Tone" Tuner
Many guitar players prefer to tune their instruments by ear. This is often done while listening to a reference note (An exact musical note), and then tuning your guitar until it exactly matches the note sounded. Tuning your guitar using this method also helps develop useful ear-training skills.

Guitar Shed's tone tuner (also called "Ear" tuner) is quite handy for storing alternate tunings that you've created (plus, it comes bundled with tons of presets) as well. Extras, such as the "Strum", "Pick", and "Chord Cycler" make it easy to hear samples of any note combinations you can imagine; an essential tool for any songwriter. Audio samples can be played using a variety of built-in instruments such as an Acoustic Nylon Guitar, Acoustic Steel Guitar, Jazz Guitar, Harmonics, Piano, Harpsichord, Banjo, Sitar, and even a special Bass Guitar mode...and more.

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