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Alternate Guitar TuningsIf you're one of those guitarists that loves to play tuned-down, with a capo, or in some odd-tuning configuration...Guitar Shed is for you! With "Drop D" tuning built-in, as well as an unlimited number of custom configurations, you can easily save all of your non-standard guitar tunings.

Then, easily recall them anytime. Guitar Shed comes preloaded with tons of non-standard tunings. If you don't find the one you need, just quickly make your own. No more forgetting that special tuning you had for that special song. With Guitar Shed, all of your custom tunings are always just a click away.

Plus, you can easily select the note for each string individually for one-time quick tuning. Play a 7-string guitar? No problem, just drop the notes down and tune. This feature also works well for musicians that play other instruments than guitar - such as the banjo, bouzouki, sitar, and more.

Guitar Tunings and Non-standard tunings

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