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Guitar Tablature Organizer and Search

If you've ever tried learning a song by ear, you know how hard it can get. Do it the easy way, and use guitar tablature - a simple form of sheet music that shows the guitarist the exact string(s) and fingering to play.

There's an endless supply of guitar tablature (Also called "Tabs") on the Internet. If you've already discovered this wonderful resource, you'll definitely appreciate the easy organizational features of the Guitar Shed Tablature Organizer.

Collecting guitar tabs can get confusing, creating files all over your computer. Our tab organizer helps eliminate this by keeping all of your tabs in a single place. All sorted by artist and/or song title.

Extra features include automatic scrolling for easy play-along, fully adjustable text sizing, tab printing, and much more. You can also easily import your current tablature quickly and easily - Guitar Shed recognizes all major tab file formats such as .tab, .crd, .txt, ASCII, and more.

Guitar Tablature Search
If you're new to using guitar tablature - have no fear. Guitar Shed includes a tab-search feature to quickly find the tab you're looking for using the best tablature search engines on the web. Guitar Shed will also display the tab search results directly within the program - no more opening separate programs or web browsers!

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