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Webseecon - Macintosh OS X Native

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Webseecon is available exclusively to Macintosh users. This software is 100% Mac OS X native, and takes advantage of many advanced system features such as Quartz, WebKit, and full support for easy drag-and-dropping of Internet shortcuts and folders!

To have Webseecon automatically find and change all of the Internet shortcuts on your computer, just click the "Start" button. Webseecon will then quickly seek all of your Internet shortcuts, and update them with a full quality, 128x128 pixel icon that resembles the real website it refers to! Of course, you can also just drop any Internet shortcut (or folder) onto Webseecon to process it instantly.

Check out these other cool features:
• Webseecon works will all major web browsers including: Safari, Firefox, Netscape, Camino, OmniWeb, and Internet Explorer.

• Webseecon will create a great-looking custom icon for any website; even ones that contain multimedia content such as Flash, Shockwave, QuickTime, and even Java!

• The icons Webseecon creates for your Internet shortcuts are visible in all Mac OS X Finder views (Icon, List, and Column).

Made For Mac OS X

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