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What Is It?
realListings offers real estate agents an extremely affordable, simple method of creating property listing flyers. Some (typically very expensive) contact management software products offer some sort of basic flyer design tools, they almost always look very unprofessional and novice. Most successful real estate agents prefer to use a dedicated tool such as realListings to help them (easily) create very professional looking flyers and many other types of marketing materials.

With no previous experience, real estate agents can use this software to create their own listing flyers for an unlimited number of properties. We've created this software to be exceptionally easy-to-use.

realListings is divided into 2 separate sections...

realListings Easy Creator
Using realListings is extremely simple. First, just type in some general information about your listing(s) in the spaces provided. The pre-set areas such as Price, MLS ID, Size, and others are there only as a starting point, and are not required. You are able to add as much custom information as you would like.

Then if you wish, you can stylize your text. Easily change the size, color, boldness, etc. of any text on your flyer! If you wish to add a photo for the listing, your logo, or a personal photo, it just takes a single-click as well.

When you are finished entering the information for a listing, the last step is to choose a flyer format. realListings offers many completely different flyer formats - when combined with your listing's information, make for virtually unlimited design opportunities.

Just print your completed flyer by clicking on the one-click Print button located at the top of your screen...and you'll have a professional listing flyer created instantly on your printer!

realListings Advanced Creator
More advanced computer users, and agents that would like to create fully-custom flyers and projects, we've provided an advanced editor. You can easily layout your project any way you'd like; no templates, no pre-set boundaries - everything you create is completely unique!

Since both the Easy and Advanced Creators are included in the realListings software package, you can choose whichever design approach fits your needs - all for the same low price that rivals other design and real estate packages!

• Saves your valuable time.

• Save money - No more design fees from expensive graphic designers.

STAND OUT! Why settle for the "same old" listing flyers that you, and other agents in your office or the hundreds (or thousands) of agents in your area use? realListings will help make your listing flyers get noticed and separate you from the crowd.

• Professional-quality output from your printer. It's quick and easy to create great looking listing flyers without any design or artistic skills. Let realListings do the hard work for you!

• Perfect for both residential and commercial real estate agents.

• Supports solo, partners, and agent teams!

• Works with Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP and Macintosh OS X

• Very quick learning curve. It only takes about 5 minutes to learn how to use realListings effectively.

• Packed full of features, yet very intuitive and easy to use - even for the most basic computer users.

• Easily use your photo(s) in your listing flyers. Want to include your logo or personal photo? That's very easy too!

• Choose from many different professional, eye-catching layouts using the Easy Creator. There's even the option of creating a special "horizontal" layout flyer for even greater customized style. Or, create your own custom layouts in the Advanced Creator - it's up to you.

• Automatically saves all of your flyers for future use (Though you can always delete any if you wish).

• Edit your information once, then use that information for any/all flyers!

• Pre-defined sections for the most-used information, such as: Price, city, bed/bath, size, MLS ID, description, features, and your contact info. Want to add more? No problem, you can include any additional information you would like.

• Creates "Ready To Print" flyers! Once you've typed in the information for your property(s), just choose which flyer design you like best and click "Print". That's it! You'll have a professional listing flyer printed on your printer in just a few seconds.

• There's even a beginner mode that makes browsing your listings as easy as flipping note cards (It even looks like note cards!).

For Advanced Users, You Can Easily:
• Import AND Export your listings for easy integration with many other programs! You can even export this information to use on your website, or a database such as MLS.

• Find/Replace feature.

• 7 different ways to view your listing data, including a quick-access table view. Plus, you can easily zoom in/out at anytime.

• Enhanced searching and sorting of your listings.

• Built-in text ruler.

• Much more

Look What You Can Make:
Sample Real Estate Flyer Made With realListings Software

Sample Realtor Listing Flyer Designed With realListings Software

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