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Kidwidget 2 - Highlights

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Kidwidget Software for Mac and WindowsWhy Kidwidget Works
We developed this software specifically for younger children - Those who are not old enough to grasp the concepts of elaborate word processors, graphic applications, and the Internet (let alone the safety concerns that come along with it).

Stepping Stone
Kidwidget not only offers your children a vast assortment of tools to use right now, but more importantly - it gives them a solid foundation of computer experience to build upon for their future. By using Kidwidget, they will become much more comfortable with computers, improve hand/eye coordination using the mouse and keyboard, and feed their hungry growing minds with invaluable knowledge.

Kidwidget Macintosh screenshot
Kidwidget inspires creativity through fun and easy activities

The Safety Factor
Computers are excellent learning tools for your kids, and can provide a virtually endless outlet for their creative minds to expand. But, when children use a computer unsupervised by an adult (or many times - even while supervised), they can lead to unsuitable content and material that may be inappropriate for your children.

Kidwidget solves this by allowing your children to have access to its built-in kid-friendly activities; while at the same time keeping them in a secured environment that keeps them separated from the rest of your computer (And the Internet).
It’s also easy to customize the security options to accommodate your individual needs.

Watch the Kidwidget highlights videoWatch the Kidwidget Video
We definitely encourage you to watch our quick video that highlights some of Kidwidget's main features...

Watch Video: Small | Large

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