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Check out what journalists, industry pros, and average users around the globe are saying about Guitar Shed...

"Astoundit's versatile applicaion remains the premier utility for Mac-owning guitarists."
MacFormat Magazine, January, 2007

"A first-rate guitar tools suite for less than a set of decent strings."
- MacFormat Magazine, December, 2005

"Guitar Shed comes highly recommended for Mac-based guitarists - beginners and experts alike."
- MacUser Magazine, 2003

"As a musician and the owner of an ATA flight case company, B.A.D. Cases in New Orleans, LA. I come in to contact with a lot of guitar players that also incorporate computers in their stage and studio setups, and everyone of them flips over "Guitar Shed" because it incorporates a lot of individual programs into one small tight package. You only have to go one place to find it all!"
- Guy Gelso, B.A.D. Cases

"This is a must-have program for any guitar player. Both beginning guitarists and experts alike can use these tools daily."
- Ted Keesnly, MacRev Magazine

"One of the best guitar apps I've ever used. This one's coming on the road with me next tour..."
- Brent Gibson, Renowned Bassist of "Sanctus" [MetalBlade Records]

"Working in a recording studio puts me in front of many different software applications. I must say that Guitar Shed is one of those rare tools that really stands out..."
- Gil Sandoval, Time Capsule Recording Studios

"Guitar Shed will definitely help me perfect my skills as a guitarist, as well as improve my ear-training and tuning ability."
- Richie Kingston, Amateur Guitarist

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