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Guitar Shed 2 - What's New

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If you've ever used a previous version of Guitar Shed, you'll immediately notice the enhanced user interface, and massive amount of new features in this latest major release, "Guitar Shed 2".

Here's a quick overview of some big changes and additions you'll find...

  • Core Features - Fast, Stable, Powerful
    • Guitar Shed for the Macintosh has now completely transitioned to a "Universal Application". This means that it will work natively on both newer Intel-based Macs, and older PPC-based choose!
    • A 60-70% speed increase over previous versions of Guitar Shed in most areas.
    • Guitar Shed 2 has been completely re-written from the ground up to provide much greater speed and overall stability over previous versions.
    • Support for the newest Macintosh OS X and Windows XP (Including Windows Vista) operating systems.
    • 4 entirely new modules added: Gig Manager, Web Manager, Chromatic Tuner, and the Metronome.
    • Fully-integrated program update menu checks for the newest version of Guitar Shed, and can download it directly if needed.
  • 2 Separate Tuners
    • Chromatic Tuner added - It is input (microphone) sensitive! #1 most-requested feature!
      Note: The Chromatic Tuner is currently only available in the Macintosh version of Guitar Shed.
    • Tonal (Ear) Tuner updated.
      • Many new alternate tunings.
      • Strum feature added.
  • Guitar Tablature Organizer
    • Print feature added.
    • Song Jam remote control added for integrated playing.
    • Tab formatting is greatly improved. Much easier to read even the most confusing guitar tablature now.
    • Sortable by both Song and Artist.
    • Other interface improvements include a resizable column control, and custom-sized windows.
    • Tablature find feature is updated to take advantage of improvements in the underlying search engines.
    • Tablature search results are now shown directly within Guitar Shed!*
    • Macintosh iTunes® integration updated for the most recent version.
  • Chord Library
    • New chords added.
    • Updated styles and graphics. Including improved left-handed support.
  • Web Manager
    • Lets you keep track of your favorite websites, e-mails, and more.
    • Quick-visit button offers one-click access.
  • Gig Manager
    • Tracks your gigs, performances, rehearsals, and other important dates. Including venue, date, time, and notes section.
    • Integrated calendar.
  • Jam Machine
    • Completely rewritten for speed.
    • Many all-new jam background tracks. Provided exclusively by Guitar Shed.
    • Famous "Crowd" feature lets you play in front of a virtual-stadium audience.
  • Metronome
    • Offers extremely accurate tick on even older, slower computer models.
    • Time signature can be adjusted. Including 2/4 to 12/8 odd time signatures.
    • "Click" light glows on the first count for easy playing of odd time signatures.
  • Song Jam
    • Faster and more powerful.
    • Slow down the song speed, while keeping the pitch the same! (Requires QuickTime 7 or later).
    • Much-improved "Loop-Repeat" feature.
    • 3 speeds of rewind, 3 speeds of fast-forward.
    • Powerful equalization features allow for expanded treble and bass manipulation - providing a much wider sweep range than before.
  • Much More...

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