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If you've ever tried to learn a song or riff, you'll definitely appreciate Guitar Shed's advanced song slow-downer.

In addition to wide-range treble and bass controls, Guitar Shed can playback audio (In a variety of formats like MP3, Audio CDs, AAC, and many others) with varying speeds. Unlike many other tools that provide a basic implementation of this, Guitar Shed goes a major step further.

When slowing down a song, Guitar Shed will automatically compensate for any changes in pitch and correct real-time! So instead of hearing that old drooped-out, "slow tape" speed effect where all of the notes sound completely different at slower speeds, you'll hear the exact same notes that are being played - with no pitch shift.

Compare the results using the sample tool above - you'll notice the major difference in sound quality and accuracy when compared to a standard slow-down effect. Just one of the amazing features built into every copy of Guitar Shed.

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