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Guitar Shed - Jam Machine

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Jam Machine Background Loops and Tracks

One of our favorite practicing methods is to play along with other instrumental backing sound tracks, not to mention - it's just plain fun. Guitar Shed's "Jam Machine" lets you play along to a variety of background tracks - it's like having a professional band sitting next to you, waiting for your every command.

From rock & funk to swing & upbeat, we've included them all. Choose the style you want to jam with from the easy-to-use buttons and play-away. This is also an excellent way to drill down your timing skills.

In our opinion, the #1 feature in Guitar Shed is the popular "Crowd" button. Turn it on, and create your own virtual concert. We're fairly sure that this single feature alone is well worth the price of this software (Not to mention, it's a great confidence-booster).

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